For Ziggurats and Mike Shinoda works (excluding Windchimes):
Only limited personal non-commercial use and resale rights in the NFT are granted and you have no right to license, commercially exploit, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works, publicly perform, or publicly display the NFT or the music or the artwork therein. All copyright and other rights are reserved and not granted.

2) WINDCHIME TERMS OF USE (“Windchime License 1.0”)

This license permits the holder non-exclusive limited term limited license to utilize Windchime Sound Pack (audio stems) for project creation. The following conditions and limitations apply. Your use of the Windchime NFT constitutes agreement to these terms. Mike Shinoda will have no liability in connection with your use. All rights not granted below are reserved and not granted.


You MAY: Use the Windchime art in a NON COMMERCIAL project (examples: social media post that generates no revenue, student project) You MAY NOT: Use the Windchime artwork in a commercial project (examples: album cover, apparel, derivative NFT for sale, ad campaign).

WINDCHIME AUDIO (outputs or stems):

You MUST: Hold a Windchime NFT for the full time your derivative project has commercial value. Failure to hold the Windchime NFT will result in a revocation of the license and rights granted therein.

You MUST: Create original, transformative derivative works with the Windchime Sound Pack audio.

You MAY: Mix or remix the audio.

You MAY: Publish any works derived from the WINDCHIME AUDIO on YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, Discord Streaming or similar Digital Service Provider (DSP).

You MAY: Credit “Windchime” in descriptions of your project’s creation (i.e. “Track made with Windchime Digital Collectible”)

You MAY: Link to https://secretgarden.fm/shinoda in your project description

You MAY: Send portions of proceeds / royalty generated by your derivative to a Ziggurats / Windchime public wallet. You may NOT: Make use of the sound pack components in creations related to politics, pornography, or religion. These uses are expressly prohibited.

You may NOT: Make use of “Mike Shinoda,” “Linkin Park,” or “Fort Minor” in name, likeness or logo mark, directly or indirectly.

You may NOT: Use this project or any of its parts in a way that intentionally causes harm to another individual or group.