As I've explored digital collectibles, I've been excited about the new opportunities for creative expression they open up, and the new opportunities they create for fans.

Digital items have potential uses that yesterday's collectibles don't. Your tee shirt doesn't get you access to store discounts or ticket pre-sales. Your mp3 can't be broken into individual audio stems for you to remix. Your vinyl doesn't get you access to a private chat or a new game. With digital collectibles, not only are all those things are possible, but the artist can invent new mechanics and customize how their collection works—opening up new avenues of creativity.

By holding a digital collectible of mine, at any price point (including free), the first thing you get is access to special areas of this website, including:

  • exclusive music not available anywhere else
  • discounts on merchandise
  • exclusive chat channels with me and other holders, and
  • access to future digital collectible drops--sometimes for free

I'm actively seeking out new integrations to benefit holders. I also occasionally airdrop new art to the community, just for fun.

The digital collectibles in my ecosystem take many different forms. On this site, they can be found in Ziggurats and Artwork.

If you’ve never been gifted or bought a digital collectible, you’ll need a digital wallet. A digital wallet has:

1.) a public address, which is a long string of letters and numbers, and acts like a Venmo name or email address—it’s the public number you can give other people, in order to trade items or crypto. It might start with “0x…” or “tz…”

2.) a private “seed phrase” or “private key.” This is a 12 or 24 word phrase that proves you are the owner of the wallet. Never share this (or its associated QR code) with anyone, or reveal it in a public place, because if anyone gets it, they can take everything in your wallet. This phrase is so important, you should never even type it into your computer—you write it down IRL, and save it in the safest place possible.

To obtain a Tezos collectible such as ZIGGURATS:

Get a Temple or Kukai Tezos wallet

Fund it with a coinbase account or similar

Buy on a marketplace like

To obtain an Ethereum collectible such as WINDCHIME:

Get a Metamask or Coinbase NFT Ethereum wallet

Fund it with a coinbase account or similar

Buy on a marketplace like opensea

Note: environmental impact is always a consideration, and all of my recent and future collectibles are eco-friendly (Link: items.